Euan Semple
Public speaker, writer and consultant
Euan Semple is an early adopter of digital technologies and an innovator who has worked with major organisations like the BBC, Nokia, the World Bank, and NATO. He believes that companies that are succeeding in the marketplace today are those that are beginning to initiate a dialogue with customers and staff to improve their operations and processes.
Euan offers unique insights into how to make the latest technologies work for you and your organisation. He has helped organisations, and more importantly the people in them, to get their heads around social media, social business, and the social web both inside and outside the firewall.
In his book ‘Organizations Don’t Tweet’, Euan identifies that there are remarkable opportunities to mine the intellects of senior managers, backroom operators, frontline staff and customers to create a more responsive business model.
Euan believes those leaders and managers that stay connected to their community at work and with their customers have the best chance to survive and flourish in this new ‘Age of Disruption’.
Website, LinkedIn, Twitter: @Euan
Anne Bartlett-Bragg
Managing Director of Ripple Effect Group
Anne is the Founder and Managing Director of Ripple Effect Group. She specialises in the design and implementation of innovative communication and collaboration networks with enterprise social technologies. Anne continues to extend her PhD research in this field to assist organisations develop informed approaches to using new technologies and changing traditional models of working. Her recent research into digital capabilities will provide participants with a framework to review their models of workforce skill development in order to more effectively prepare them for the digital workplace.
Anne is one of the founding members of the Digital Disruption Research Group and a member of the Steering Committee.
Anne is a founding member of the DDRG and serves on its steering committee. LinkedIn, Web, Twitter: @AnneBB
Simon Terry
Free agent with Change Agents Worldwide
Simon Terry provides consulting, advice, speaking and thought leadership to global clients through his own consulting practice, and as a Charter Member of Change Agents Worldwide, a network of progressive and passionate professionals, specialising in Future of Work technologies and practices. The focus of Simon’s practice is assisting organisations to transform innovation, collaboration, learning and leadership. Digital transformation and the future of work require purposeful, agile and collaborative teams, with all members able to lead responses to customer needs and market opportunities.
Simon is an active member of the Digital Disruption Research Group. LinkedIn, Web, Twitter: @simongterry
Sandra Peter
Director, Sydney Business Insights
Sandra Peter is an innovator, researcher and educator. As Director she leads the Sydney Business Insights strategic initiative to deliver on the University of Sydney Business School’s commitment to being an engaged, relevant and influential voice on major issues and trends.
Sandra has a keen interest in developing initiatives and programs to provide the business community and public with deeper understanding of complexities and insights into the future of business. Her work focuses on understanding the interaction between technological, cultural, economic and social dimensions of new forms of business and education. Sandra develops a range of content (including podcasts, articles and videos) and contributes to furthering informed research and critical thinking on major issues and trends together with researchers, leading thinkers in industry, government and community.
Sandra is an active member of the Digital Disruption Research Group. LinkedIn, Web
Kai Riemer
Professor of Information Technology and Organisation at the University of Sydney Business School
Kai is a Professor at The University of Sydney Business School. His expertise is in Enterprise Social Networking, e-Collaboration, inter-firm networking, virtual work, social impact of ICTs, and the practical philosophy of technology. Kai is currently doing research into technology adoption and sense-making, infrastructure technologies and the adoption and management of Enterprise Social Networking. He has held positions with the University of Muenster in Germany, Melbourne University and University College Dublin and consulted with a range of companies both in Europe and Australia. Kai is the founder of the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) and convenor of DISRUPT.SYDNEY.
Kai leads the DDRG. He will host and moderate the panel. Blog, Twitter: @karisyd, Web