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Leslie P. Willcocks is Professor in Technology Work and Globalization at the Department of Management at London School of Economics and Political Science. He heads the LSE’s Outsourcing Unit research centre and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Information Technology. Previously he taught at Oxford University for nine years. His doctorate is from University of Cambridge.

Leslie has a global reputation for his work in robotic process automation, AI, cognitive automation and the future of work, digital innovation, outsourcing, global management strategy, organisational change, IT management, and managing digital business.  He is co-author of 56 books on these subjects, and has published over 230 refereed papers in journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies. He is a regular keynote speaker at international practitioner and academic conferences, and has been retained as adviser and expert witness by major corporations and government institutions in the UK, USA and Australia.

Recent books:

  • Service Automation Robots and The Future of Work (2017)
  • Robotic Process Automation and Risk Mitigation: The Definitive Guide (2017)
  • Robotic and Cognitive Automation: The Next Phase (2018)
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Fiona McLean Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Please Credit Dominic Loneragan.
Fiona is a commercial Executive Leader with extensive international HR experience and is focused on opportunities that arise when innovation, technology and high performing teams meaningfully intersect. As Founder and CEO of The Social Index, she is passionate about the commercial and individual success that is possible when business brands and individual reputations are aligned. Fiona has worked within large multi-national organisations in industries including Financial Services, Logistics, Private Equity as well as successful HR startup businesses.
Sandra Peter
Director, Sydney Business Insights


Sandra Peter is an innovator, researcher and educator. She leads the Sydney Business Insights strategic initiative to deliver on the University of Sydney Business School’s commitment to being an engaged, relevant and influential voice on major issues and trends. She develops a range of content (including articles, podcasts and videos) and contributes to furthering informed research and critical thinking on the future of business together with researchers, leading thinkers in industry, government and community.
Sandra is an active member of the Digital Disruption Research Group.  LinkedInWeb
Kai Riemer
Professor of Information Technology and Organisation at the University of Sydney Business School



Kai is a Professor at The University of Sydney Business School. His expertise is in Enterprise Social Networking, e-Collaboration, inter-firm networking, virtual work, social impact of ICTs, and the practical philosophy of technology. Kai is currently doing research into technology adoption and sense-making, infrastructure technologies and the adoption and management of Enterprise Social Networking. He has held positions with the University of Muenster in Germany, Melbourne University and University College Dublin and consulted with a range of companies both in Europe and Australia. Kai is the founder of the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) and convenor of DISRUPT.SYDNEY.
 Kai leads the DDRG Blog, Twitter: @karisyd; Web